When I move my mouse while the CPU is under a high load, the mouse pointer occasionally stutters, lags, and after a short peroid of time it became as normal, it suffers more when I tab alt+tab to switch windows.

It’s super annoying that even I have the latest CPU to offer from intel, the Kaby Lake, I still have this problem under a high cpu load.

Intel is not blame, of course, it’s rather Microsoft, who manages the processes.

I serached for the rememdy, about which I am not even sure that they suffered the same problem as I do:

https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/14107-windows-10-mouse-lagging.html https://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/212054-mouse-stutter-lag-when-processes-using-high-cpu.html https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/windows-10-and-mouse-lag-stutter-when-cpu-usage-is-high.2444858/

To the end of conversation, the most common was let the microsoft fix this in the meanwhile reinstatll a fresh copy of the Windows 10, as many have done and the problem gone. That’s not good enough for me I am not satisfied by that. I don’t want to clean it up and start anew that’s not even called fixing!

The best shot I got so far was the cpu optimization program suggested in some of the threads, Process Lasso (https://bitsum.com/), it’s not free by the way, I’m using the free limited-feature version of it. I’m trying it out to see if it makes any difference, so far I think my system is a bit less susceptible to the problem, but I can still feel it, at least on the system startup.

So, in conclusion, there is no remedy for now, Process Lasso or others of its kind MIGHT help but not actually make it gone.