Here is a listener on process object:

process.on('unhandledRejection', (err) => {

And, a way to remove the listener is:

process.removeListenter(<name>, <function>)

Note that, you have to specify both its name and function because for each name there can be many functions that listen.

So, inpractice, I think it is much easier to manage listeners if we use it this way:

function listen(obj, name, func) {
    const on = obj['on']
    const removeListener = obj['removeListener']
    if (typeof on !== 'function'
        || typeof removeListener !== 'function') {
        throw new Error('object is not listenable')
    on(name, func)
    return () => { removeListener(name, func) }


const remover = litsen(process, 'unhandledRejection', (err) => console.error(err))
# to stop listening