Update: It seems this process doesn’t work anymore, I’m currently using Karabiner-trick instead categories: dev

When I started to use PyCharm CE (Community Edition; Free) other than finding that it is a really good IDE, personally it’s better than using my favorite text editor, I found out that it had problems with non-QWERTY keyboard layouts as well. Since I’m using the Dvorak keyboard layout, (something that’s not QWERTY) I was in a trouble.

The problem is that, normally, every JetBrains’ IDEs have problems with key-binding if you’re not using the QWERTY keyboard layout. The symtom is it mixes up the QWERTY’s key-binding with your layout’s key-binding. This will surely confuse you!

I did a lot of research, (something like 30 minutes googling) and finally found something that can compensate this. Note that it doesn’t perfectly solve this problem, they said, but for me it does solve my problem very well.

The solution is here: (original post)

In short, you just have to make change to your registry settings like this: (because it’s not enabled by default)


However, it’s not that easy to do so. (it’s something more advanced settings) You have to follow this link to gain access to that settings.

I have copied it here:

Another way is to use Help Find Action, type Registry in the box, ensure that Include non-menu actions option is enabled, select the Registry result from the list, press Enter