Ubuntu 16.04 with Nvidia GTX1060 Sound Doesn't Work

Even after properly installed Nvidia graphic card driver (367.44, latest) still the sound doesn't work.

My setting is HMDI through GTX1060 connecting to a TV.

It takes me like 4 hours to find the solution (trying on many solutions).

People have discussed sound problem on 14.04 http://askubuntu.com/questions/512621/unable-to-get-audio-through-hdmi-connection-to-tv-with-ubuntu-14-04 They said it might be the permission problem, so I did adding ${USER} to the group, but actually I was already there!

I tested buzzing sounds to a designated port, as mentioned in http://askubuntu.com/questions/112512/ubuntu-refuses-to-output-audio-via-hdmi. Sure enough, it worked, I could here the buzz sound perfectly with the proper audio device listed in aplay -l.

So, the device is there and working, but somehow it is not listed in the ubuntu sound devices. It turns out that there is a way around that gets me to the solution as well. I happened to run pavucontrol, and a small window popped up. After playing around, I selected HDA Nvidia Digital Stereo (HDMI 2) as a fallback device, now it worked!

I suspect that this still might not be the right way that really gets to the point, but at least it works and I'm so tired of this puny problem already! :D

Update: I think I have found a reasonable solution! It's in the pavucontrol I've mentioned. Go to Configuration menu in it. You'll see something like Built-in Audio. This one doesn't work, just turn if off. Now go see the Output Devices menu. You should see there is only HDA Nvidia Digital Stereo now, which is great, I think you should now hear the sound already.

Konpat Preechakul

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