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My Experiences with OneDrive (Review)

I have been using OneDrive for 2 months already, here I like to review my experiences with OneDrive a bit. In short, it's sluggish, memory hungry, and not FAULT tolerant.

It's Sluggish and memory hungry

Maybe, I exaggerated on this because the demand I put on it is quite extraorditary. I actually put 300k files (small ones by many) into the OneDrive system. It becomes processing changes forever. It took days (2 days + or -, if I counted correctly) to finish. And yet most of the time, not the internet bandwidth that it consumes, it rather the CPU itself that always spiked, with the memory usage of about 1 GB all the time.

Even I use the latest CPU from intel, admittedly it's ultralow voltage series, but hey its the latest Kaby Lake ! I expected much more from it rather than be totally consumed by the simple process of syncing!

Work harder Microsoft!

It's not fault tolerant

First thing first, if you're moving from the unix-world filesystems like ext4 or hfs+. You would very likely encounter the path too long problem in NTFS. NTFS supports only a puny fraction of maximum path length of those filesystems. Syncing these files to the Windows machine is a disaster! You might have to resolve it by hand, moving folders after folderes to the shorter paths. It was just a pain, but not necessarily contributed to the OneDrive, but anyways I will put it here!

It's not the end, there are many more scenarios in which I encounter problems. When I changing the contents in the drives in SOME WAYS it made the OneDrive process crashed. I reckon the moment to be when I used the program rsync to sync files from a remote host to my machine, it crashed severely and cannot be

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Make \ (backslash) and / (slash) interchangeable in Windows command line

File: slash.cmd

@echo off
set str=%*  
set str=!str:\=/!

REM run the parsed command  

It will execute the command while replace all the \ to /. Like, docker run -it -v %HOME%\test\dir:/workdir debian bash to be docker run -it -v %HOME%/test/dir:/workdir. Since, the Windows command prompt will only auto-complete the path using \ which doesn't work with Docker (linux) paths.

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Windows 10 Mouse Pointer Stutters under High CPU Load

When I move my mouse while the CPU is under a high load, the mouse pointer occasionally stutters, lags, and after a short peroid of time it became as normal, it suffers more when I tab alt+tab to switch windows.

It's super annoying that even I have the latest CPU to offer from intel, the Kaby Lake, I still have this problem under a high cpu load.

Intel is not blame, of course, it's rather Microsoft, who manages the processes.

I serached for the rememdy, about which I am not even sure that they suffered the same problem as I do:

To the end of conversation, the most common was let the microsoft fix this in the meanwhile reinstatll a fresh copy of the Windows 10, as many have done and the problem gone. That's not good enough for me I am not satisfied by that. I don't want to clean it up and start anew that's not even called fixing!

The best shot I got so far was the cpu optimization program suggested in some of the threads, Process Lasso (, it's not free by the way, I'm using the free limited-feature version of it. I'm trying it out to see if it makes any difference, so far I think my system is a bit less susceptible to the problem, but I can still feel it, at least on the system startup.

So, in conclusion, there is no remedy for now, Process Lasso or others of its kind MIGHT help but not actually make it gone.

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A way to set cmd's alias with variables like %cd% and %home%

To set alias for a very long command in cmd, just type

alias name=command  

And you're done.

However, one thing that would be nice to have is that if we have a command that is not so static meaning we want the ability to use, I don't know the proper name, variables like %cd% to substitute for the current directory location of the caller.

It's important to insert %cd% in a plain string into the alias, and not to be resolved to get the current directory location for that time, which renders the command static again.

Say, if I want to add this command, echo %cd% to the alias. I would rather get echo \my\current\location\at\the\time\i\invoke\alias\instead It's not so good right ?

Now, I try to find a way to escape the % (percent-sign) from the command line, which some say to be ^. With ^ you can echo ^%cd^% and you get echo %cd% in your standard output, which should be about right ....

Try using this trick with alias .. I found that it doesn't work. To me, it's like alias has gone another step ahead of me. No matter how I try to escape the % sign, alias always know how to de-escape it and evaluate the expression I always wanted to hide.

Solution: Write a proxy program (runner)

I reasoned with myself if I still want to use alias to do the job. I have to use the strings it doesn't recognize ... may be ${cd} insead of %cd% and ${home} instead of %home%.

Start with a string replacing progrem ... I'll try to use only batch script. Since, I can access to the arguments via %* in batch script and replacing with the syntax !str:pattern=replacement!. I can now replace all the arguments with the

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Quick Preview for Windows


Looking for an macOS' quick view alternative on Windows ?

Seer is here for you. Seer is a great app, I've just installed and used. It's beautiful, minimal, and fast. It's a perfect alternative for macOS' quick view. (see the thread for more informatin)

You can just use space that you love in Windows Explorer to trigger seer. It's just that easy!

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Synaptics Pointing Device app stops working randomly


This is very furstrating as you know I switched to use Windows machine. As long as the synaptics pointing device app works my experience with this inferior touchpad will not be too bad.

However, this app, that enables all the great features of multi-touch, crashes quite randomly and frequently. I could not bear to restart my machine because of this problem alone.

Finally, I found, at least, a way to restart it without restarting my machine.

I tried to do the process kill, curiously, even the touchpad's multi-touch ability has gone .... there still is the synaptic process runnnig, obviosuly, with no effect.

taskkill -f -im syntpenh.exe  

And, then I just rerun this many times, found out that the process is kept restarting as it's killed, and the multi-touch capabilities have come back.

So, if the problem arises again I will just kill the process and wait for it to restart.

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Add Windows 10's Mail to Startup Programs

It turns out to be more obscure that I expected just to make the Windows' Mail app starts when I log in. I looked its settings I found none that indicates "starts when the user logs in" or so.

Here, we have to do in a hard way.


Find the mail app, and then create the "Mail" shortcut on your desktop. (It will say that it's not possible to create shortcut there will you create on the desktop instead ? just say yes)

Actually, you could find all sorts of applications here, it's particulary useful with App store apps.


Move the mail shortcut to the startup folder.

You're all set!

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