Bye ... PyCharm, Hello LiClipse

PyCharm is my best Python IDE.

I make the switch because of one one reason. Since I've been using Dvorak for quite sometime, PyCharm just don't support it properly, PyCharm key mapping doesn't work with alternative keyboard layouts (even though they blamed it wasn't their faults).

I had been using PyCharm with some workaround (karabiner) since the beginning. I wasn't quite satisfied, but at least I can get my job done. But not anymore, since I updated OSX to macOS Sierra, karabiner has stopped working, my only workaround has gone. Any attempt I made for other alternatives just didn't seem to be fruitful. So, I decided to abandon PyCharm.

Now, I'm on LiClipse, actually I want to go with Eclipse + PyDev. But, it recommends me to this IDE, so I will just go with that.

Konpat Preechakul

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